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6 Travel Essential Things in your Carry - On/Hand Luggage

6 Travel Essential Things in your Carry - On/Hand Luggage

Over a period of time, I realized that when I am travelling I can not do without this things in my carry on bag or hand luggage. I am thankful for the things on this list because they always prove to be helpful. I was in situation where my airline company really messed up the flight schedule and I was stuck in a city that I did not know anyone there. I was at that city for a whole day but I was lucky I had some money and some essential things in my hand luggage. You can pick one or two things from this list and comment if you have  the same things in your carry on bag/hand luggage.

  • First thing you need is your hand luggage or carry on bag

  •  Travel Documents: You need your passport and your ticket and any other document needed. This is the most important set of things you would need.
  • Comfortable Shoes: Whenever I am going on long journeys, I like to have another pair of shoes or slippers because I get uncomfortable wearing a particular shoe for too long. Sometimes, when I am in the airplane I just want to set my leg free so I change to my comfortable pair.


  • Survival Kit: This contains SOCKS, EAR PLUGS, SLEEP MASKS, TOOTH BRUSH, TOOTHPASTE, AND A SMALL TOWEL. Sometimes these things are given to you on the place but it is better to have yours than to be sorry. 


  • Extra Cloths and Money: Sometimes when you have a stop-over and the flight decides to delay for some reason, this would come in handy. You can decide to explore the city knowing you have some money on hand and also some fresh cloths in your box. 


  • Electronic Devices: Having your phone, laptop, or tablet to keep you company to through out the trip is important. Do NOT forget your HEADPHONES and CHARGER.
  • Second Survival Kit: Do not forget your travel size hand lotion, hand sanitizer and travel size makeup essentials. You might need some munchies (food) as well. DO NOT forget you can not carry water. 


Thanks for reading and hope you learnt one or two things. Do not forget to comment and also join our emailing list. 

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