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5 ways to Maintain a good friendship

5 ways to Maintain a good friendship


Sometimes maintaining friendship can be hard especially when you have lots of things going on in your life. These are 5 ways that could help you.

  • When you know someone for a long time you tend to take them for granted. Why don't you show them appreciation for always been there for you. You can do that by been there for them even if they don't ask.
  • You should build the trust between you guys. Make sure you don't gossip about them, you keep their secrets, don't go behind their back, always support them in front of others.
  • You should have fun with them. Do the things you all enjoy. Go to the movies, attend a party or even throw a party, chill together, play games you like together.
  • Support each other when things get rough. Help them find solution to some realistic problems. Handle your arguments like adults.
  • Always maintain contact cause if you lose it, you might not get back to the same way you want it.