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Interview with Justin UG

Interview with Justin UG

Justin UG is a youtuber, dancer and a photographer. His works is becoming more recognized. This interview would allows us to know more about this upcoming star.

The Interview

Interviewer - Who is Justin?

Justin - Well, JustinUg is a hardworking entertainer more or less. I am a youtuber, a photographer and a dancer that tries to entertain people with my craft.

Interviewer - Tell us a secret about Justin

Justin - I HATE SEA FOOD, lmao.

Interviewer - Why YouTube and not any other platforms?

Justin - First of all, YouTube is like the most popular platform for the kind of craft I am into and in as much as I love doing this YouTube thing and I enjoy doing it, I am also there to make money and YouTube is like the only platform where you can make money off video, maybe there are others but I guess YouTube is the most popular.

Interviewer - What are your inspirations?

Justin - My supporters are my number one inspiration, the fact that they like what I do and want to see more makes me want to learn better ways of delivering my content and of course other people in my field too, S/O to all of them, they make me not want to give up.

Interviewer - Who are your target audience?

Justin - Everyone to be honest, because I feel when it comes to entertainment, anyone and basically everyone can benefit properly, but then I can also say teenagers because they are the people that are more interested in what I do.

Interviewer - What are the ups and downs?

Justin - For the ups, I will say the growth is becoming massive, like I have been getting lots of subscribers recently so that is really a good thing. On the other hand, the rate at which you make money is slow, lmao and getting good support is really hard but you know what, we lit still!

Interviewer - Future plans for your YouTube?

Justin - I want to deliver more content on another level, get more humans in the world involved with my work and you know, just keep growing and growing!

Interviewer - If not YouTube, what are your other plans?

Justin - God in heaven knows I can’t work a 9-5 job, so I will probably have my own media house or have a clothing line which I have started on a low, but just waiting for the right time and all you know. Plus I am a student so I am trying to take things slow before I end myself academically, lol

Interviewer - Any youtuber you would like to collaborate with?

Justin - I really can’t say for now because I really haven’t really sat down to think about it to be honest, but probably Mr 200m and Aliyah. Great people!

Interviewer - What is your advice for people who want to start a YouTube channel?

Justin - Look if you are ever going to start a channel, make sure you are 100% sure that is what you want to do because that is the only way you are going to succeed, be CONSISTENT! I don’t know how much I can stress that because consistency is KEY! There is so much more I can say but if I start to talk…….lol

Interviewer - A message to your followers or fans

Justin - I genuinely love you guys so much and I really appreciate all the support for real, God bless you guys and keep supporting the JustinUg brand! #JustinUg #TheUgFamily #TheJustinUgWave!

You can stay connected with Justin UG through his social media handles

Twitter: @justiiin_ug

Instagram: @justiiin_ug

Snapchat: Yq_dutch

Youtube: JustinUg


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