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Sammy Erhobaga is also known as 22.jumpstr on Instagram. His passion for photography inspired us to want to know more about him. Continue reading to know more about him.

The Interview  


Interviewer - Tell us about Sammy?

Sammy - I am a creative director, visual artist, graphics designer and an art lover.

Interviewer - Tell us something we do not know about Sammy?

Sammy - (laughs) hmm, I think the fact I love balling (soccer) a lot.

Interviewer - Why the name 22.jumpstr?

Sammy - ermm funny enough I think it just came up from no where and I liked it and it stuck. 

Interviewer - Why photography?

Sammy - Photography is a form of art and I really like the whole concept art speaking through pictures.

Interviewer - How has the journey been? The up's and down's

Sammy - The journey has been great more and there is more to come, we thank God for that. Well the up’s and down's have been crazy, some clients always want free things for good quality and it’s affects the business a lot.

Interviewer - Brands/companies/people you have worked with and brands you aspire to work with?

Sammy - So far I have worked with Jermaine media, hypebuzz, Lola OJ and couple of artists also and I’ll definitely love to work with more artists fashion designers like orange culture, temi Nathan and many more.

Interviewer - If not photography what else?

Sammy - I think football would be the way. I would not waste time (laughs).

Interviewer - What are your plans for the future?

Sammy - I want to travel and do more research.

Interviewer - Message to your fans

Sammy - Stay Safe.

Thank you so much for reading and you can see some of his pictures if you click on the link below. 


You can follow him on his social media account.

INSTAGRAM - 22.jumpstr




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