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Interview with Farouq

Interview with Farouq

Farouq is a fashion designer. His designs are creative and his apparels are of good quality. We got the opportunity of interviewing him and know more about him, so can you. 

The Interview

Interviewer - Tell us about Farouq

FarouqMy name is Umar-Farouq Fagbohun and I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and I am currently studying at the university of Ottawa, Canada.  I am pursuing a bachelor of commerce degree. In my free time, I love to playing basketball and watching anime.

Interviewer - Tell us something we do not know about Farouq?

Farouq - Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that, I’m actually proficient at martial arts. I wasn’t always the biggest or tallest guy so I tried to learn how to defend myself just in case. Karate (brown 2nd kyu), Taekwondo (Red), Boxing and Muay Thai (only went for one class but i'll add it still lol). Although, besides boxing it has been a few months since I last practiced them so I’m assuming I would not be as proficient as before. I can also bake.

Interviewer - What is your brand name and how did you come up with it?

Farouq - The name of my brand is Akirablack. How I came up with the name isn’t so spectacular to be honest. Basically, I am an anime/cartoon lover and the one of the shows that stuck with me was a show called dragon ball Z. I have been watching the show ever since I was in elementary school and still watching it now as it is ongoing. The over the top fight scenes, fascinating story arcs and most of all the art style made it such an interesting show to follow. Thus, I decided to name my brand after Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragonball Z. Then added the colour “black” after just because I thought it sounded cool lol.

Interviewer - Tell us why Fashion??

Farouq - I created this brand because whenever anime comes into the conversation, majority of people drop comments like “that’s so childish” “why you still watching that” “aren’t you too old to..”. I wanted to make people know that anime can be cool and also allow people who do love it to be able to show it boldly. Therefore, I picked fashion. Fashion reflects who you are, it is a way to announce yourself without even having to say a single word. Thus, it was the perfect outlet for my idea.

Interviewer - How has it been so far? What have been the up’s and down’s?

Farouq - Honestly it was a little difficult at first. I pretty much handle everything so it was hard producing, designing and delivering the merchandise all by myself. The hardest part isn’t even the stress of making the clothes but getting the brand out there. Marketing your product is not as straightforward as I had assumed at all. There are a lot of technicalities that go with it and it took me a while to figure things out. Even as we speak I am still working on promoting and raising awareness. Although, the upside of it all is I have learned how to network a lot better and have gained a lot of valuable connections.

Interviewer - Companies/brands/people you would love to work with and also who you have worked with?

Farouq - I have mainly worked with friends and a few fashion influencers like Akinro, Tseyii and Sydney. Other than them I have worked with no one. Although, I would like to work with people like Nonso Amadi, as well as any Canada based artist, blogger, I am pretty much open to collaboration. Let us help each other grow.

Interviewer - What makes your style different?

Farouq - I feel what makes my style different is that it is fun. It isn’t like all the serious hype wear like supreme and off white, neither is it as simple as brands like H&M or forever 21. I try to create cartoonish designs that are simple yet draw attention. Clothing you could wear on a night out with friends and receive comments like “oh wow where did you get this from?”

Interviewer - If not fashion, what else?

Farouq - Honestly, I have no idea.

Interviewer - What are do you what to achieve in the coming years with your brand?

Farouq - My goal is to actually to become the next supreme or even greater. It may sound a little over ambitious but I believe its attainable with just the right amount of hard work and creativity.

Interviewer - Message to your fans or followers?

Farouq - To them I would like to say a big thank you for their support. Knowing there are people out there that actually value my work is quite uplifting. I can’t wait to show you all what I have in store.

Their website is

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