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The African Cherry

The African Cherry

The African Cherry is an upcoming youtuber who took YouTube by storm with her creative ideas. We were able to get to know more about her and now you too can get know more about her.

The interview

Interviewer - Tell us more about Cheryl Obi

Cheryl - My name is Cheryl Ifunanya Nnenna Obi. But you can call me The African Cherry. I am an actress, writer and upcoming youtuber (The African Cherry). I was born February 19th, 2000, 17 years old and. I am from Imo State Nigeria although I reside in Lagos. I attended Atlantic Hall Secondary School after which I completed my Advanced Level Program at Oxbridge Tutorial College and now I’m a freshman at Georgia Southern University. I’ve always loved acting in front of large audiences and basically doing anything that allowed me to express myself. I have 4 wonderfully annoying siblings. I enjoy dancing, watching series and taking selfies in my free time. 

Interviewer - Why YouTube and not any other platform?

Cheryl - I decided to go into YouTube because it is an extremely useful medium to express myself. It is also a way for me to communicate with people all over the world; as well as show my creative and fun side.

Interviewer - What are your inspirations?

Cheryl - My inspiration to do YouTube came from watching people like Cindyrella OG, Mr 200m and other great youtubers including my close friend Ayomide (Seyi Classic).

Interviewer - Tell us a secret about Cheryl

Cheryl - Not many people know I’m actually a big cry baby. I always put my best into most of the things I do and sometimes when they don’t work out because of reasons beyond my grasp. I’m a Christian by religion however, a catholic, and so I put all my faith in God who I believe has a reason for everything!

Interviewer - What are your future plans for your YouTube Channel?

Cheryl - I have a lot of spontaneous and creative ideas for future videos on my channel and I plan on executing them effectively and making them as entertaining as possible. 

Interviewer -  If YouTube does not work, any other plans?

Cheryl - My dad would always say you should never do anything without a backup plan. So I plan to be on youtube for as long as I can however, I also have other future goals I plan to achieve such as to practice in a hospital among many other things.

Interviewer - Any youtuber you would like to collaborate with?

Cheryl - I would love to collaborate with Cindyrella OG, Seyi Classic, Jackie Aina, Mr 200m, Liza Koshy, Adorably Muneeyi, The Chronicles of Nathan and Oma, JustinUG, and several other potential youtubers out there on fun, exciting videos. 

Thank you Cheryl for this exclusive interview, we feel honored. Below is a video of The African Cherry on youtube. Do not forget to follow her on her social media accounts.

  • TWITTER - cherylobi
  • SNAPCHAT - cheryl-obi
  • YOUTUBE - The African Cherry, dont forget to subscribe. 
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